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Profile: Sue Lewis – Cochlear Implantation Knowledge

Profile: Sue Lewis

Sue Lewis works currently part time for Mary Hare, a charity and school that supports deaf children, their families and their teachers. She is Course Leader for three Masters in Education courses that train teachers of the deaf and educational audiologists. She has specialised for many years in working with teachers and others in promoting the early development of deaf children and led the work in the United Kingdom leading to the development of the Monitoring Protocol for Deaf Babies and children 0-3 years. She has published widely on issues relating to literacy and inclusion and also to early years development. She also regularly helps local authorities in England to review their educational provision for children who are deaf. Sue is an OfSted inspector who inspects schools and early years provision on behalf of the Department for Education in England. All these are activities designed to improve provision and outcomes for deaf children and their families.

Currently she is working with the Early Support Consortium on a government programme to extend these principles to all children and young people who may have additional learning and medical needs (including those who are deaf). This involves working with families, schools and social care, education and health agencies to secure this.

Sue is deaf herself and has a profoundly deaf sister as well as other siblings with hearing losses. She is a qualified teacher of the deaf and has worked in Europe and further afield training teachers and teaching assistants as well as parents. She has two daughters.

1 thought on “Profile: Sue Lewis”

  1. Hi Sue,

    You may not remember me. I am originally from Shropshire and you were my first contact when my daughter Lucy was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf back in the summer of 1984 when she was 6 months old. She is now just 30.

    We will never forget you and your kindness towards Lucy on her initial diagnosis.

    Lucy is now engaged to be married with a small son aged just 6 weeks. She is currently on Maternity leave from her position at Next Retail Limited where she works in the childrens department. She has been employed by Next since completing her HNC in Fashion, Design and Textiles back in 2004.

    I trained and qualified as a para legal back in 1998 and worked for a local law firm until 2012 when I unfortunately suffered a severe heart attack and was forced to retire. I now suffer with angina. I think we are the same age 64.

    David my husband is still working as an engineer at Muller England he is a couple of years younger than I and has 3 years left until retirement. However, it may be sooner rather than later, he has parkinsons disease and has suffered from same since he was 56 years old.

    We now live in Worcestershire as Lucy did not like being away from home. However, I did not agree to the signing element Worcester practice. Fortunately for Lucy she both signs and talks too. All thanks to you.

    Lucy, Adam and Jake Adam live in Tamworth Staffordshire. They purchased (with our help) a property 3 years ago. She managed to get a transfer from Malvern Next to Tamworth Next when she moved house.

    My phone number is 01299 403946 and 07776015602. We would love to hear from you and Andrew.

    How is Ruth? She must be a year or so younger than Lucy as she was totally mortified when you were on maternity leave and replaced by Miss Jones. Unfortunately, Lucy did not bond well with Miss Jones.

    Kind regards

    Mary White

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