Here we will publish links to resources which provide information useful to parents, teachers of the deaf, SLPs, pedagogues and other experts working with hearing-impaired children.

Resource What you will find there
Comments Link
Cochlear Rehabilitation Resources Sound Foundation for Babies and Toddlers, Kaci’s Games, Listen Learn and Talk, My Experience Book, Start Listening, Scales of Development (ISD) materials all available in English Click!
Cochlear rehabilitation material set by ISTOK audio Includes Listen Learn and Talk, LING cards, books for children, parents and therapists, lesson notes, advice on inclusion and adult life, a set of playing cards, a CD, a coloring book, a toy hippo called Tosha and much more everything in this set is in Russian Click!
Ear Foundation research downloads Features links to various research on hearing-related issues in English Click!
Ear Foundation shop Here you can buy accessories, books, cards, and counseling resources a big variety! Click!
2ears2hear UK-based resource for advocacy on bilateral CI interesting data, evidence and arguments Click!
Auditory Verbal UK British website on AVT with information for parents, teachers and other professionals, testimonials and articles Very personal and real; in English Click!
British Cochlear Implant group Resource aiming to provide information in the field of cochlear implantation to patients, prospective patients, families, carers, educators and other interested parties. professional and very concise; in English Click!
Euro-CIU European Assosiation of Cochlear Implant users provides press-releases and runs symposiums of CI users on many subjects good opportunities for networking but not many dowloads Click!
Forest Books Bookshop offering lots of study materials and researches on hearing loss and audiology there may be very good finds here if you are ready to pay and wait for delivery Click!

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