PORA! 17.07 Webinar with Prof. Dr. A. Lesinski-Schiedat

We invite you to take part in a webinar on July 17 with Prof. Dr. Lesinski-Schiedat.  Make sure not to miss this opportunity!
It will be the last PORA Webinar before the summer break and with our invited speaker Prof. Dr. Anke Lesinski-Schiedat we have one of the most experienced ENT experts in the field of CI.
She is senior physician at the Medical Highschool Hannover (MHH) – internationally renowned for having the world’s largest cochlear implant programme. This was established by Prof. Dr. Ernst Lehnhardt, who provided 4 adults with a multichannel CI – first in Europe! In 1984, in 1987 the first child post-meningitis and in 1988 the first deaf born child at the age of 1 ½ years. He also established the first CI rehabilitation Center in 1991.
When he retired in 1983,Prof. Thomas Lenarz became head of the ENT clinic.
Prof. Lesinski-Schiedat has 25 years of experience and a broad and profound knowledge which she will share with us.

Dr.Dr.h.c.Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany

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Profil: Prof. Dr. A. Lesinski-Schiedat

Anke Lesinski-Schiedat, M.D., PhD

  • Physician since 1993
  • ENT specialist since 1997
  • “Genetics counseling – related to ENT” since 2016
  • Senior Consultant ENT clinic & German Hearing Center / Medical University of
  • Hannover (Chair: Lenarz, T., PhD, MD) since 1997
  • Medical head of the audiological department and Cochlear Implant department of the ENT clinic since 1997
  •  Medical head of the German Hearing Center of the ENT clinic since 2003

PORA! 3.07 Forum-Discussion “Deafness and bilateral hearing”

The speaker of the forum-discussion is Dr.Sandro Burdo, scientific Director of Italian Association “Free to Hear” and Consultant Otologist in Bassini Hospital-Milan, Italy.

The recording of the past webinar with Sandro Burdo:

You are kindly invited to join us in the webinar and send your questions and comments

PORA! Forum-Discussion “Update – what is new in hearing aid technology?”

We invite you to take part in a discussion on June 19 with Martin Kinkel on the topic ‘Update – what is new in hearing aid technology?’. The speaker of the webinar is Dr.Martin Kinkel, head of R&D at KIND, the market leading dispensing chain for hearing instruments in Germany. Profile: Martin Kinkel

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The previous meeting on this topic with Martin Kinkel was held on May 29, 2022.

PORA! 12.06. “Non-standard indication for cochlear implants”

The topic is presented by a world expert from the Czech Republic, Jiří Skrzhivan, an ENT surgeon, who is a member of the Cochlear Implantation Committee and The European Society of Paediatric Otolaryngology, ESPO —>Expert Profile<—

Dr. Skrzyvan works at the Motol University Hospital in Prague. His areas of interest include surgery of congenital anomalies of the ear, Cochlear implantation and auditory brainstem implantation – selection of suitable implant candidates, surgery,
postoperative care and rehabilitation. Published over 80 papers in specialized periodics both home and abroad as a main author and over 40 as co-author; 3 translations of medical textbooks for postgraduates from English to Czech, presented over 80 lectures in renownedmeetings both home and abroad.

Keywords: unilateral deafness, metachronous implantation after a long time, implantation in children with malformations of the inner ear and / or multiple disorders single sided deafness, metachronous implantation after a long time, implantation of children with inner ear malformations and/or multiple handicaps.

Profil: Jiří Skřivan

Jiří Skřivan, M.D. , PhD.
Current position: 2015 – 2021 head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and University Hospital Motol.

As a travelling surgeon visiting often foreing ENT departments as an instructor and lecturer in otosurgery, skull base surgery, cochlear implantation and Baha surgery (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Palestine, Kuwait and Oman).
Operated over 1200 cochlear implants of all major brands (Cochlear, MedEl, Advanced Bionics). Personal experience with Cochlear TM Nucleus® Electrode Portfolio (CI 512, CI422, Hybrid L24, CI24RE(ST), CI24M Double Array, CI532).
◼ Paediatric bilateral cochlear implantation as a standard programme in congenital deafness in small children
◼ Personal experience with auditory brainstem ímplants in adults (5 adult patients with a neurosurgeon). Department of Otolaryngology, The 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, University Hospital Motol Institute of Postgradual Education

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Profile: Martin Kinkel

Martin Kinkel, Dipl-Phys., PhD; born 1959 in Ludwigshafen/Rh.
Since 1980 Study of Physics in Göttingen, 1987 Diploma with a thesis on dicrimination of interaural level and time differences in normal hearing subjects, 1990 PhD with a thesis on relation between parameters of binaural hearing in normal hearing and hearing impaired subjects. After PhD one year post-doc at the III. Physikal. Institut and the ENT-clinic of the University Göttingen.
Since 1991 head of R&D at KIND, the market leading
dispensing chain for hearing instruments in Germany. Main fields of R&D projects are audiometric measurement methods, fitting methods for hearing instruments and outcome measurements. Since 2010 member of the Audiology group at audifon.
From 1997 until 2021 safety officer for medical devices at KIND Hörgeräte. Since 2021
PRRC (Art. 15 MDR) at KIND.
Since 2017 managing director of the KIND hearing foundation.

Current address: KIND GmbH & Co. KG, Kokenhorststraße 3-5, D-30938 Burgwedel,
Germany, E-Mail martin.kinkel@kind.com, http://www.kind.com.

PORA! 22.05 “Deafness and bilateral hearing”

The speaker of the webinar is Dr.Sandro Burdo, scientific Director of Italian Association “Free to Hear” and Consultant Otologist in Bassini Hospital-Milan, Italy.

Keywords: natural listening; the binaural processor function; dichotic listening; dysfunctions;   listening brain and hearing; comparing unilateral vs bilateral sequential CI performances; binaural critical period; rehabilitation: protocol in sequential CI; single sided deafness.

Profile: Sandro Burdo

Sandro Burdo, Scientific Director of Italian Association Free to Hear.
Sandro Burdo was born in Venice, Italy, in 1951. He received thedegree in surgery and medicine from the University of Milan,Italy, where he gained the specialization in medical Audiology in 1981 and he obtained the regional habilitation as Hospitalexecutive of a complex unit in 2001. During the first years of hiscareer, he was a Researcher at the Audiology Institute of Milan,headed by Prof. M. Del Bo, who contributed to his clinical andscientific formation.
Afterwards he became the scientific
coordinator of the Centro Ricerche e Studi Amplifon for two yearsand finally he was asked by the Ospedale di Circolo of Varese tocoordinate and then to direct the Audiovestibology Unit till the 2010.
He made this unit a leader in Italy concerning the deaf rehabilitation and one of the main European centers concerningcochlear implants in pediatric age with a personal casistic of morethan 1300 cochlear implants.
He was a Professor at the Università degli Studi of Milan, LaSapienza, Rome, at the Università dell’Insubria, Varese, andconsultant for the Foreign Ministry, Health Ministry and theVatican Causae Sanctorum Congregatio.
He was the Scientific Director of Fondazione Audiologica Vareseonlus that works together with the Ospedale di Circolo to managethe Audiovestibologia Unit and its research activity. He was the author of more than 150 publications, among those,30 books or chapters of books. http://www.audiovestibologia.it/
He presented more than 230
scientific communications in national and international congress.His fields of interest are auditory electrophysiology, surgery of theear, cochlear implants, and hearing aids.
At present is Scientific Director of Italian Association Free to hear and Consultant Otologist in Bassini Hospital-Milan.