Profil: Prof. Dr. A. Lesinski-Schiedat

Anke Lesinski-Schiedat, M.D., PhD

  • Physician since 1993
  • ENT specialist since 1997
  • “Genetics counseling – related to ENT” since 2016
  • Senior Consultant ENT clinic & German Hearing Center / Medical University of
  • Hannover (Chair: Lenarz, T., PhD, MD) since 1997
  • Medical head of the audiological department and Cochlear Implant department of the ENT clinic since 1997
  •  Medical head of the German Hearing Center of the ENT clinic since 2003

Profil: Jiří Skřivan

Jiří Skřivan, M.D. , PhD.
Current position: 2015 – 2021 head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and University Hospital Motol.

As a travelling surgeon visiting often foreing ENT departments as an instructor and lecturer in otosurgery, skull base surgery, cochlear implantation and Baha surgery (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Palestine, Kuwait and Oman).
Operated over 1200 cochlear implants of all major brands (Cochlear, MedEl, Advanced Bionics). Personal experience with Cochlear TM Nucleus® Electrode Portfolio (CI 512, CI422, Hybrid L24, CI24RE(ST), CI24M Double Array, CI532).
◼ Paediatric bilateral cochlear implantation as a standard programme in congenital deafness in small children
◼ Personal experience with auditory brainstem ímplants in adults (5 adult patients with a neurosurgeon). Department of Otolaryngology, The 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, University Hospital Motol Institute of Postgradual Education

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Profile: Martin Kinkel

Martin Kinkel, Dipl-Phys., PhD; born 1959 in Ludwigshafen/Rh.
Since 1980 Study of Physics in Göttingen, 1987 Diploma with a thesis on dicrimination of interaural level and time differences in normal hearing subjects, 1990 PhD with a thesis on relation between parameters of binaural hearing in normal hearing and hearing impaired subjects. After PhD one year post-doc at the III. Physikal. Institut and the ENT-clinic of the University Göttingen.
Since 1991 head of R&D at KIND, the market leading
dispensing chain for hearing instruments in Germany. Main fields of R&D projects are audiometric measurement methods, fitting methods for hearing instruments and outcome measurements. Since 2010 member of the Audiology group at audifon.
From 1997 until 2021 safety officer for medical devices at KIND Hörgeräte. Since 2021
PRRC (Art. 15 MDR) at KIND.
Since 2017 managing director of the KIND hearing foundation.

Current address: KIND GmbH & Co. KG, Kokenhorststraße 3-5, D-30938 Burgwedel,
Germany, E-Mail,

Profile: Sandro Burdo

Sandro Burdo, Scientific Director of Italian Association Free to Hear.
Sandro Burdo was born in Venice, Italy, in 1951. He received thedegree in surgery and medicine from the University of Milan,Italy, where he gained the specialization in medical Audiology in 1981 and he obtained the regional habilitation as Hospitalexecutive of a complex unit in 2001. During the first years of hiscareer, he was a Researcher at the Audiology Institute of Milan,headed by Prof. M. Del Bo, who contributed to his clinical andscientific formation.
Afterwards he became the scientific
coordinator of the Centro Ricerche e Studi Amplifon for two yearsand finally he was asked by the Ospedale di Circolo of Varese tocoordinate and then to direct the Audiovestibology Unit till the 2010.
He made this unit a leader in Italy concerning the deaf rehabilitation and one of the main European centers concerningcochlear implants in pediatric age with a personal casistic of morethan 1300 cochlear implants.
He was a Professor at the Università degli Studi of Milan, LaSapienza, Rome, at the Università dell’Insubria, Varese, andconsultant for the Foreign Ministry, Health Ministry and theVatican Causae Sanctorum Congregatio.
He was the Scientific Director of Fondazione Audiologica Vareseonlus that works together with the Ospedale di Circolo to managethe Audiovestibologia Unit and its research activity. He was the author of more than 150 publications, among those,30 books or chapters of books.
He presented more than 230
scientific communications in national and international congress.His fields of interest are auditory electrophysiology, surgery of theear, cochlear implants, and hearing aids.
At present is Scientific Director of Italian Association Free to hear and Consultant Otologist in Bassini Hospital-Milan.

Profile: Jayne Nicole Simpson Allen


  • Specialty knowledge with over 30 years of teaching experience working with children who are deaf/hard-of-hearing (DHH) in Queensland and New Zealand
  • International mentor to teachers of children who are DHH and speech pathologists
  • Co-Author of book chapter
  • Speaker/presenter at AG Bell International Symposiums/Conferences

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Profile: Sue Archbold

Sue Archbold, PhD, Hon LLD, 

Following a career as a teacher of  the deaf,  Sue Archbold managed Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme from its inception in 1989 until 2004. There she established a comprehensive database to monitor progress and outcomes, and developed innovative measures of real life benefit, using qualitative research techniques. Following this, she became CEO of The Ear Foundation, leading a team of support, research, education and services for cochlear implant users of all ages and their families. Sue has published and lectured widely on this work, focussing on CI benefits and challenges in real life, and using research to influence policy and practice. She gained her PhD, cum laude, from Nijmegen University on Deaf Education: Changed by cochlear Implantation? and  was honoured with an Hon Doctor of Letters from Nottingham University for her work in CI. Sue remains passionate about improving access to the best possible services for all with hearing loss and is part of the  Core Working Group of WHO’s World Hearing Forum and Coordinator of CIICA, the CI International Community of Action.

Profil Eulalia Juan

Eulalia Juan was born in Palma de Mallorca in Spain. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education (therapeutic pedagogy) in 1991 from the University of the Balearic Islands. In the same year, an SLP-CCC degree (Master’s in Language and Hearing Impairment) followed. Eulalia went on to specialize in hearing problems in children during a training course in 1997 (CEE). In 2006 she obtained her post-graduate degree in Audiology from the University of Salamanca. In 2012 she received an international certificate in auditory verbal therapy in a course coordinated by Warren Estabrooks.

The professional pathway of Mrs. Juan, E. has run as follows:
1989 SLP in association ASPAS Mallorca
1995 to 1999 Private practice Centre de Llenguatge I Audició
1989-2018 –Lecturer at the University of the Balearic Islands. Postgrado audición y Lenguaje and Postgrado atención Temprana.
1999-2015 – Clinical and technical specialist for first Spain then Portugal for Cochlear as  clinical specialist.
She has been active in cochlear implantation rehabilitation since the first CI was implanted in Mallorca in 1989. In this capacity, she coordinated the first 3 multicentric studies in Spain together with Drs. Manrique, Ramos, Morera and García-Ibáñez
Also has a history of collaborating with the Lehnhardt Foundation while working on the HICEN and QESWHIC and PORA! European projects.
2015-2021 Rehabilitation consultant for Cochlear Academy. Cochlear EMEA
2003-2017. SLP in ENT department . Hospital son Llàtzer. Palma de Mallorca

Profile: Yvonne Seebens

Yvonne Seebens was trained as an audiologist initially and then worked at an ENT clinic (Köln-Holweide) in the field of new born hearing screening and expert opinions (Lärmgutachten) for 5 years. At the same time she began and later completed her studies to become a qualified teacher for the deaf at the University of Cologne. In the meantime she gained experience in scientific work at the Institute for Audio pedagogy of Frans Coninx as well as practical experience in the therapy of children with hearing impairment at the institute of his wife, Karin Coninx. She has been working at the CIC Rhein-Main in Friedberg since 2006, initially under Gottfried Diller.
Today Yvonne is leading the team of support, research, education and services for cochlear
implant users of all ages and their families. Her current work focus is on Natural Auditory Oral
Approach and in the future also on the MarteMeo concept. Right now, she started her PhD
studies at the University of Cologne. In addition, Yvonne has teaching assignments at the
Universities of Heidelberg and Marburg with a focus on CI therapy and education for the hearing
impaired. She is a member in different associations and societies, such as the Lehnhardt
Stiftung, IAHRS (International Association of Hearing Rehabilitation Specialists), CIICA (Cochlear
Implant National Community of Action) and some other German associations.

Profile: Adrian Davis


Adrian has led an extraordinary international, multi-award-winning career across academia, healthcare, pharma, quality assurance and MedTech. Amongst his many notable achievements are leading the innovative procurement procedure for hearing aids and diagnostic devices for the NHS, being an integral part in the development of ground-breaking MedTech products and being awarded the OBE for his services to hearing health. He has a record of developing the people that he works with, managing six-figure budgets, and bringing projects in on time.

Healthcare Management | Hospitals | Academia | Strategic Planning | Public Speaking | Public Sector | Stakeholder Engagement | Stakeholder Management | Leadership | Innovative Thinking | Entrepreneurship | Medical Publications |

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Profile: Astrid Magele

Priv.Doz.Dr. Astrid Magele, MBA has been working as a specialist at the ENT department at the University clinic St.Poelten since March 2013.

Since 2014 she is is the head of the “Hearing impaired program” of  the University clinic St.Poelten. Her interests are focused on Otology and Neurotology.

In addition to general surgeries in the ENT, she does mainly general ear surgeries, cochlear implantations, and implantations of bone conductive hearing aids and active middle ear implants.

She is member of the Otology group of Prof. GM Sprinzl since June 2008. Her main research interests are in clinical trials in the field of hearing implants. She pays special interest to sound localization and speech perception in bilateral users of Vibrant Soundbridge. Another main topic is elderly patients suffering from presbyacusis, and quality of life studies from patients aided with hearing implants.

In addition, she works in the Neurotology team, focusing especially on the rehabilitation of patients with cochlear implants and also on vertigo in adults and children after implantation of CIs.