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Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany

Seminar planning, Lecturing

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  2. Dr. Monika. Thank you all thanks to help our son Ayman you give us hope. after we lost it. If we wrote a lot we will not be able to give you what it deserves

  3. Dear Mrs Lehnhard,
    Im a speech therapist and educator of hearing impaired children with more than 19 years experience .Im a holder of MA of education of children from 3 to11 years old in norma and Bachelor of Ed – speech therapy and education of deaf children.
    I have experience as a speech therapist and educator of hearing impaired children ,kindergarten and primary teacher where I taught all areas of school curriculum, managed classrooms, wrote reports, as well as planned, prepared and marked pupil’s work. I am a very compassionate, caring and enthusiastic teacher who will make a worthwhile and valuable contribution to any school , kindergarten or centre in which I am employed. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience .I am seeking full time employment in a school where I can use my teaching qualifications and experience to enhance children’s learning.
    Im art therapiest too,and usually I do therapy with children in my own town.
    Tanya Brasnicheva

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