How do we help deaf children to hear


Cochlear Implantation Funding

We are raising funds for Cochlear Implantation for children in need. Over the last two years we succeeded to raise more than 500.000 € to help - added to funds raised by the parents - 51 deaf kyrgysz children to get access to the world of hearing.
One of our largest and most generous donors is the German Institution “Ein Herz für Kinder”

Strategic Development of Cochlear Implant Program

→ Training Program for kyrgysz Therapists
→ Introduce Online Therapy & Online Fitting
→ Establish an Online Parents Community
→ Promote governmental (co-) funding scheme

Consulting & Implantation Management

Based on our more than 25 yrs of experience we can counsel parents and ensure a reliable and professional implantation and post operative care by our expert partners.

Humanitarian Umbrella Initiative – EurAsia
by Lehnhardt Foundation & Charity Partners

About Cochlear Implant in Kyrgyzstan

It can be estimated, that In Kyrgyzstan every year up to hundred children are born deaf / severely hearing impaired. The Cochlear Implant is the only but very effective way to make them hearing and speaking. Provided there is an adequate speech therapy they can fully participate in life: family - community - school - job

So this is the vision of  the program: KyrgyzstanNOmoreDEAF

Cochlear implants are different than hearing aids.... Watch this video
explaining why Cochlear Implants can help deaf  people.

See this lovely video of Dima, St.Petersburg and his friends, explaining
what Cochlear Implant means to their lives (from Я Тебя Слышу)

Current Activities & how to help

Find Charity Partners & Volunteers

In case you feel to support the program, please contact us by email (see footer "Contact")

PLEASE MIND: this post is work in progress

Prepare Implantations & Fitting
Introduce (Live) Online Reha
Further develop our platform

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