March 11th: Parents’ meeting live online “Best Hearing Performance in Schools” and “FM-systems”

Aim of the meeting: introduction into the topic “Best hearing performance in schools” to be presented by Dr. Andrew Kendrick on March 25th; the presentation “FM-systems” by Yulia Litvina.

The meeting will be recorded and published, open for comments of interested participants.

Agenda: Monika Lehnhardt will in brief present the topic “Best hearing performance in schools: How to ensure your child gets the best possible chance to hear, listen, participate and learn”, which Dr. Andrew Kendrick will present in full on March 25th. Dr. Lehnhardt will also present Dr. Kendrick’s professional biography. To find out more about Andrew Kendrick, please follow this link to his profile.

You can see two slides from his presentation here:

Also, Yulia Litvina will present the topic “FM Systems – a key factor to achieving best hearing performance with a CI in schools”.

When:preparatory meeting March 11th, 17:00 CET (Berlin time) , final date March 25th, 17:00 CET (Berlin time) 2012.

Where: live online (audio conference room) – join the meeting here. (Info login & open testroom HERE).

Entry into the conference room may require an update of Java software, if you need the newest version installed please follow this link.

Participation: parents, teachers, SLPs. Registration by entering a comment into the “Leave a Comment/Reply” field underneath this posting

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  • Language: English, translation into Russian
  • Dear parents and colleagues! Please note the following dates for the parents’ meetings until summer this year:

Preparatory meetings: March 11, April 8, May 6, June 3, July 1

Main meetings: March 25, April 22, May 20, June 17, July 15 – all Sundays

    • We welcome your suggestions of topics and speakers in the form of a comment!



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