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Profile: Bodo Bertram – Cochlear Implantation Knowledge

Profile: Bodo Bertram

Dr. rer. biol. humIMG_0362 B. Bertram, born 1945, graduated 1964;

University studies at the Martin Luther University Halle (Saale) and the Institute of teacher training. University studies to be a pedagogue for hearing impaired children at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, Section Pedagogic Rehabilitation and Communication Science.


Started work as educator at the school for the deaf „Albert Klotz“, Halle (Saale) and as educator and teacher at the school for the deaf „Albert Gutzmann“, Berlin;

1989 started work at the ENT clinic of the Medical University of Hanover and helped develop the first Post-Op Pedagogic-Therapeutic Rehabilitation Program for children with cochlear implants in Germany.

1990 onwards – director of the Cochlear Implant Center Wilhelm Hirte in Hanover (CIC);

1996 – promotion for the Dr. rer. biol. hum. at the ENT clinic of the Medical University of Hanover.

1994 – 2007 – lectureship at the School for Speech Therapists at the Medical University of Hanover.

1996 – 2008 – lectureship at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, University of Bielefeld, Heidelberg, Dortmund and Hanover (courses of studies -Teacher for Deaf Children, Teacher for Children with Speech Disorders)

1996 – 2009 – chairman of the ACIR of Germany (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation).

1990 onwards – many lectures for teachers, therapists, students and other specialists in Germany, Europe and worldwide and numerous presentations about Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation of Children in international conferences in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia;

Co-editor of two books 1. with Prof. Dr. Dr. Ernst Lehnhardt; 2. with Prof. Thomas Lenarz and Prof. Dr. Dr. Ernst Lehnhardt

Publications in national and international professional journals about children with cochlear implants and children with special needs.

With the end of November 2008 retired.

2008 – publication of the book “Hallo, ich kann jetzt hören”, a speech therapy manual for therapists and parents.

Now works as consultant for the ENT department (chairman Prof. Dr. med. A. Ernst) of the UKB (Clinic For Emergency Berlin-Marzahn) and Hearing Therapy Centre for Hearing Impaired People (adults and children) with Cochlear Implant in Potsdam. In addition works in an honorary capacity with terminally ill children in a hospice.

2009 onwards – presentations and lectures in Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Switzerland and Germany about post-op rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants.


Dr. rer. biol. hum. Bodo Bertram
Dietzgenstraße 3813156 BERLIN, Germany
e-mail: dr.be@gmx.de ; Mobil: 0171 173 58 53

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