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Profile: Markus Stecher – Cochlear Implantation Knowledge

Profile: Markus Stecher


Having graduated from school, Markus Stecher completed his state examination in special pedagogy in 2000. He went through a training in didactics and teacher education in Stegen in 2000-2001 and took his second state examination in 2002. In 2002-2006 he was developing and conceptualizing the external teaching of BBZ Stegen in Überlingen am Ried. In these years he was also creating and leading the counseling office for children and youngsters with hearing loss in Singen. He collaborated in a number of research and development projects concerned with school education for HOH children, such as ‘New Thinking: Schools for the Hearing Impaired’ in 2000-2003, ‘Tutorial and Didactic Implementation of a Dialog in Hearing Impaired Pedagogy in Classroom Practice’ in 2000-2010 under Prof. U. Horsch, ‘Early Support of Hearing-Impaired Children in Poland’ 1999-2003, ‘Educating for Dialog Readiness. Raising and Educating the Hearing Impaired in a Classroom Context’ in 2000-2006, ‘On Pressures Facing Parents of Hearing Impaired Children. A Comparative International Study’ 1999-2003, ‘Education and Experience. Range of Projects on Upbringing and Education of Hearing Impaired Children in Germany and in an Intercultural Comparison’ 1996-2000. Teaching project in the Heidelberg Pedagogical College on ‘Criteria and Signs of a Good Inclusive Lesson’ realized in 2009-2010.

In 2007-2011 Mr. Stecher was member of the education planning committee for deaf and HOH schools in Baden Wurtemberg. Between 2010 and 2011 he chaired the specialized committee on reshaping the curriculum for special pedagogy, specifically hearing impaired pedagogy, in the same federal land. He has many publications on model lessons in the HörgeschädigtenPädagogik journal (Hearing impaired pedagogy) between 2009 and 2011. He was responsible for the learning module ‘hearing impaired pedagogy’ in the state seminar on didactics and teacher training in Freiburg in 2004-2007. Since 2011 he leads the state seminar in Freiburg in the areas of hearing-impaired, speech-impaired, blind and weakly-sighted pedagogics, all under the umbrella of developing early intervention.

Address for correspondence: state seminar for didactics and teacher training (special schools department) Oltmannsstraße 22, 79100 Freiburg

E-Mail: stecher@sonderschulseminar-freiburg.de

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