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PORA! team: Anastasia Flanagan – Cochlear Implantation Knowledge

PORA! team: Anastasia Flanagan

Based in Kyiv, Anastasia has been with the Lehnhardt Academy as Information Manager since 2010. She helps develop the PORA! seminar program by taking care of the English language blog of the Lehnhardt Academy and by being the principal interpreter from and into English and German during the webinars. Jointly with Olga Niekrasova she is managing the Facebook page of the Lehnhardt Academy. With her qualifications in web design, she is good at creating content and layouts for our information resources.

Anastasia received her Master’s degree of ‘teacher of English and German, researcher and translator’ from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. She defended her PhD thesis in Philology in 2011. At one point in that journey, she also obtained a BA in Enterprise Management.

Apart from working for the Lehnhardt Academy, she teaches English in her alma mater and cooperates with Cochlear as a consultant.

In her off-work time, Anastasia enjoys fitness, embroidery, shooting and traveling.

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