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Online Fitting Services
for experts & parents in ru speaking countries


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Development of  Online Fitting Services
By Lehnhardt Akademie (CH) & Hear and Say (AUS)
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(Prototype Status)

Three Areas of Online Fitting Services

- ONLINE - Fitting Training

→ Online learning and real time training "on the job" will be made possible for all who are involved in the fitting process: fitting experts, therapists, parents, children.
→ Adequate learning resources will be made accessible and continously updated according to the technological development.

- ONLINE - Fitting Coaching

→ Coaching support available at any time and wherever needed via standard remote online tools
→ for complicated situations
→ for less experienced local fitting experts

- ONLINE (REMOTE) - Fitting

A first remote fitting in CEE (such as practiced satisfactorily in AUS, US, Germany ... )  was done end of 2016 for Aidina, Kyrgystan.
We developed a specific structure and system based on standard software and have meanwhile performed successfully four further prototype sessions for kyrgyz children.
See Fitting Protocols and First Summary

The Development Project


Project Task Force

Project Management

Implementation in four parallel tracks:

  • Analyze best practice of  remote fitting, adapt to local circumstances
  • Perform 3-5 prototype sessions
  • Draft quality schedule and financial scheme
  • Draft trainings



what experts say ...

Dimity Dornan, Brisbane

The structure and systems you have developed are great,
Michael and Monika!

Sincerely, Dimity.

Dimity Dornan, AO, Adjunct Associate Professor UQ, PhD UQ,

Executive Director & Founder Hear and Say, Australia

... what parents say

Жылдыз, Bishkek

После онлайн настройки Элнур начал слышать многие слова более разборчива и старается произносить слова четко.
After online fitting, Elnur began to hear many words more legible and tries to pronounce the words clearly.

Name, mother of  Elnur

Гулнара, Bishkek

Спасибо большое за онлайн настройку с Дмитрием Заикой настрайка Максату помогла он стал слышать более разборчиво.
Thanks a lot for the online fitting with Dmitry Zaika. The fitting for Maksat helped. He began to hear more clearly.

Gulnara, mother of Maksat

Nadira, Kyrgyzstan

Недавно в Бишкеке организовали Онлайн настройку. Так, как у нас нету обученные специалисты (аудиологи) это было отличная возможность для тех родителей у которых нету финансовые возможности съездить в Казакстан и Москву.
So we do not have trained specialists. online fitting is an excellent opportunity for those parents who do not have the financial means to go to Kazakstan and Moscow.

Nadira, mother of Tshyngyz

Latest News

Registration (free)

By Michael Goriany | May 6, 2015

Please register by posting your name & email underneath Please also tell us about your specific interests.

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Test2 – embedding vimeo Aidina

By Michael Goriany | October 6, 2016

Recording #30-Biskek1 from Lehnhardt Akademie on Vimeo.

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Remote fitting Elnur

By Michael Goriany | March 2, 2017

See the Fitting Protocol Today we had another urgent fitting for Elnur, Kyrgyzstan. See the video clip below. A first attempt did´nt work as the coil of his Freedom was intermittend. After Nadira brought another coil everything went well. The fitting in Bishkek was done by Dimitrij from Munich where he is at present for … Read more Remote fitting Elnur

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First Summary – Remote Fitting in Central Asia

By Michael Goriany | March 15, 2017

Read here a first summary and please add in the comment window underneath your experiences, questions and suggestions as to remote (online ) fitting. Thanks for your contribution !

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Fittings April 2/3, 2017

By Michael Goriany | March 16, 2017

Appointment post Please see underneath the time slots when you can register for a fitting. Please reply with your name, childs name, email and phone to such time slot you would prefer. Your choice will be confirmed asap.

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Online Fitting Maksat

By Michael Goriany | March 12, 2017

See the Fitting Protocol On March 3,2017 we organized another Prototype Online Fitting Session with Dimitrij Zaika acting as Fitting Expert from Munich and Emma Rushbrook, Hear and Say, Brisbane as Online (Remote) Coach. It was a honour and pleasure to have one of the globally leading Telepractice experts joining our prototype session to evaluate … Read more Online Fitting Maksat

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By Michael Goriany | October 6, 2016

Work in Progress This is a recording of a parents meeting in Bishkek in Oct. 2016, which was accessible via our Live Online Room. Amongst other topics, Nazgul the mother of  Aidina is telling the story after the remote fitting was done. It was a spontaneous recording, so we can´t see Nazgul but only hear … Read more RF SESSION REPORT – Aidina

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Test 5 – embedding von YouTube

By Michael Goriany | October 16, 2016

Elterntreffen in Bishkek – Programm – Von 33:40 bis ..: Bericht Nazgul über remote fittings für Aidina am

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Test 4

By Michael Goriany | October 7, 2016

This is the code published in: HOW TO LINK TO SPECIFIC PARTS OF AN EMBEDDED VIMEO VIDEO USING FROOGALOOP API, By Serkan YenerFebruary 19, 2015 02:30 – Link 1 07:36 – Link 2 11:05 – Link 3 Status: Ready

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By Michael Goriany | October 6, 2016
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