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Nov. 20, 2011: Armenian parents meeting – Questions & Answers – Cochlear Implantation Knowledge

Nov. 20, 2011: Armenian parents meeting – Questions & Answers

Today we had a meeting with parents and their children in Hotel Yerevan.

See in the followinf photos of the participants

and a list of questions discussed and answers.




Armenian parents raised many questions.  They are relevant for all parents with children with cochlear implants and here are the answers to the questions:

Vardui Ogannisjan

– Is it possible that the quality of speech deteriorates when using a new speech processor?

Basically after a so-called Upgrade we expect the quality of hearing and therefore also the quality of speech (heard and consequently produced) to improve. This is the case almost every time when we change from a speech processor of the 3rd generation to Freedom (4th generation) or to the newest CP810 (5th generation). At the beginning the hearing impression with the new speech processor differs from the old one. This is why the CI recipient is not necessarily enthusiastic at the very beginning. It differs from individual to individual how long it takes to get acquainted.

– Can or should children pursue sports activities?

Children with CI can practice sports. It is important to carefully dry the speech processor when children are sweating during sports. There are only a few sports activities which are not recommended, e.g. boxing (risk of injury) and diving very deep in the water. We do not advise extreme sports – e.g. bungee jumping.

Lusine Stepanjan

– My child is in the first class in school. Is there a need for an additional accompanying person to support the child?

In case the child is feeling well in mainstream school, the child develops according to expectation, the child can follow the curriculum well there is no need for an additional accompanying person. In fact, such a person could be an obstacle in the process of integration. In case, however, the child has difficulties, such an accompanying person can be very helpful. It needs an individual decision.

– Is it possible that children will encounter problems when studying humanitarian sciences (literature, foreign languages)?

Acquiring foreign languages is a bit more difficult for children with CI than for normal hearing children. The earlier we acquire a language, e.g. our mother tongue, the more naturally the process occurs. When we acquire a language at a later age it requires a more structural learning. In case CDs are used during teaching of foreign languages, it is often difficult for children with a CI and they need additional tutoring. Here the model would help where we form groups in certain classes and connect and teach them via Internet together with groups in other classes / schools at the same learning level.

Lusine Grigorjan

– Are there any professions which are damaging or not suitable for CI recipients?

We do not know of any professions which are damaging for CI recipients. However, CI recipients cannot exercise all professions, e.g. become pilot in Germany. They can obtain a drivers license and can work as bus drivers.

Lianna Kasarjan

– Can we use FM equipment in school? Can we expect any support, also financial support?

FM equipment is very desirable in schools and of great help for children with CIs. Unfortunately, there is hardly any used FM equipment in Europe and it will be difficult to get those as a donation.

– Will it be problematic for a child with a CI to acquire a 4th language (French)?

We believe that acquiring a fourth language is also a big challenge for normal hearing children. Children, whether normal hearing or with a CI, have different talents and they will obtain different results when learning foreign languages.

Similar questions were asked by

Marina Shardanjan, Nune Akopjan, Armine Geworgjan, Vardui Owsepjan, Seda Gukasjan abd Violetta Manukjan

Teresa Avetisjan

– Are there any children with CI who do not speak at all?

Yes, there are children with CI who do not acquire spoken language. These are mainly children with multiple serious handicaps or autistic children. Provided a child receives the CI before the 3rd year of age we are sure that she / he will acquire speech and spoken language.

Raja Markosjan

– Are children allowed to exercise sports and to dance?

Children are allowed to exercise sports (with the exception of extreme sports activities, when there is an increased risk of trauma) and they should dance!

Lilit Mkrtchjan

– My child does not clearly hear the endings of words. How can we solve this problem?

The endings of words are very important for understanding in many languages. However, often they are pronounced softly or they are even swallowed and they are in the high frequencies. Here we need the audiologist who needs to check the settings of programmes in the speech processor and who needs to possibly adjust them.

Nektar Nawasardjan

– Can we change the coil and choose a different colour? How much would it cost?

It is possible to change the coil, you can choose the colour. Prices vary from country to country and we should discuss personally in which way we can get the best price for you.


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