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Tbilisi 2023

True friends sharing
fond memories and new perspectives


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Prof. George Tavartkiladze
celebrating 75 th Birthday

Read: In conversation with George Tavartkiladze  ENT & Audiology News , Interview by Gerard O’Donoghue, 2017

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? Why did I choose the Black Swan as a placeholder for further photos - see Wikipedia

Tbilisi Conference - Title

The Conference Presentations

New Perspectives ...

  • Discuss and comment the new perspectives of each of the splendid presentations refering to "Recent Advantages in Audiology and Otology - What conclusions can we draw ?
    --> go to presentations
  • Update actions to improve access: How to upgrade local conference settings, make recordings, integrate seamlessly with online ("Hybrid Seminar Setting"), and publish
    --> go to Workshop:
    DIY on a new level for individual creation of academic digital content and independent sharing in a global community
Tbilisi city

George Tavartkiladze´s Birthday

Fond memories ...

  • Our congratulations and wishes. How we celebrated George and enjoyed his generous invitation to his home town  Tbilisi

Birthday celebration adresses

  • How to actively contribute: Info How to Upload Photos and Post

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