PORA! 22.05 “Deafness and bilateral hearing”

The speaker of the webinar is Dr.Sandro Burdo, scientific Director of Italian Association “Free to Hear” and Consultant Otologist in Bassini Hospital-Milan, Italy.

Keywords: natural listening; the binaural processor function; dichotic listening; dysfunctions;   listening brain and hearing; comparing unilateral vs bilateral sequential CI performances; binaural critical period; rehabilitation: protocol in sequential CI; single sided deafness.

PORA! February 13th Forum Discussion “Concept development and Theory of Mind using books”

The first meeting with Jane Simpson Allen (Audio-Verbal Therapist from Australia) took place on February 6th. At the Discussion Forum, the speaker will summarize the main points of the past webinar and discuss the questions that weren’t answered during the last meeting

The recording of the past webinar will be available in the coming days, we welcome your comments and questions on this topic: “Concept development and Theory of Mind using books”.

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PORA! February 6th “Concept development and Theory of Mind using books”

The presenter for the webinar on February 6th will be Jayne Simpson Allen Dip T., B Ed., M Ed., LSLS Cert. AVT®

Jayne’s career has involved working with children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing since she began her first job as a teacher of the deaf in 1985. She has worked for many years both in Australia and New Zealand and was the very first Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist in New Zealand’s South Island. Jayne currently works as Program Leader for WorldWide and Listening and Spoken Language Specialist AVT at Hear and Say. She is the Secretary and Certification Committee Co-chair of the AG Bell Academy Board and works as a mentor to professionals working towards listening and spoken language certification nationally and internationally.

The presentation will explain the connections between reading fiction and development of Theory of Mind in children, presenting current theoretical perspectives and research-based evidence. First-, second-, and higher-order skills will be discussed. The role of the adult reading to the child, their understanding of ToM, and their use of strategies when undertaking shared reading will be explained, with some suggestions for practical application provided.

2 – 3 learning objectives

  •         Describe how engaging in reading fiction with children can support the development of Theory of Mind
  •         Increase confidence in selecting books to develop key concepts in Theory of Mind
  •         Start a toolbox of strategies that help develop ToM when reading with children

PORA! 30.01.2022 Forum Discussion with Andrew Kendrick “Telepractice: Strategies and Tips”

In the presentation on January 30th will take summary of key points from the last session, practical tips for therapy and answer to your questions.

Andrew is a certified LSLS Cert. AVT ( with 35 years of experience) and served on the Board of Directors of the AG Bell Academy for four years. Andrew continues to passionately work as an Auditory Verbal Therapist at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) supporting families whose child has a hearing loss.

Andrew Kendrick’s Profile


PORA! 16.01.2022 “Telepractice: Strategies and Tips” with Andrew Kendrick

The Lehnhardt Academy team is pleased to invite you to this year’s first PORA webinar! with a lecturer from Australia.
Andrew Kendrick is a specialist with 35 years of experience in the field of auditory-verbal therapy.  — >>> Andrew Kendrick’s Profile <<< —
The topic “Telepractice: Strategies and Tips”, which he will present on Sunday, is especially relevant now for all professionals and parents of children with HA or CI of any age.
In Australia, due to long distances, the telepractice method has been used for a long time as a convenient tool for therapy sessions, and the situation with covid-19 made significant changes in everyday life.
You will learn:
– what is especially important to consider when preparing for the therapy sessions from home online;
– which important aspects should be taken into account by a specialist in order to conduct an online lesson most successfully and to support parents and their role in the rehabilitation of the child.


PORA! 12.12.2021 “Listening for Learning: classroom acoustics and distance hearing” with Emma Rushbrooke, Australia

The presenter for the webinar on December 12th will beEmma Rushbrooke MPhil (Audiology), BA, DipAud, MAudSA, LSLS Cert AVT, RNC
Clinical Director, Hear and Say
AG Bell Academy Chairperson

Emma is an Audiologist and LSLS Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist, currently Clinical Director of Hear and Say, an Early Intervention program for children with hearing loss.


PORA! 21.11. Round Table with Parents “Parents´ job never ends!”

This event will share the experiences of parents and their children of living with CI.
Several experts will also talk briefly about young children, children at school age and teenagers. The role of parents is key!

Introduction and moderation: Dr.Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany
Eulalia Juan: CI in young children
Yvonne Seebens: Children at school age
Sue Archbold: Teenagers
Translation by Julia Disson

  1. Qais Khan (England/Pakistan)
  2. Marc and Maria – two small children implanted (Spain)
  3. Viviana (Germany/Mozambique)
  4. Ivan and  Solomia (Ukraine)
  5. Nargiza and Faruch(Uzbekistan)
  6. Nazgul and Ajdina ( Kyrgyzstan)
  7. Irma and Rezi (Georgia)

We will offer another Round Table, describing on December 19th.

PORA! 16.05. “Deaf child early intervention: the basic biology”

The presenter for the webinar on May 16th will be Dr.Sandro Burdo, Children Hospital Buzzi Milan Italy, Pediatric ENT, Consultant

Keywords: from the pregnancy to the first years of life, considering: genome and connectome concepts; auditory pathways maturation; auditory perception model; rehabilitation priorities distinguishing  communication  brain,   listening brain and hearing; importance and limits of lip reading; pre and post surgery rehab; practical rehab sessions (formal and at home).

PORA! 14.03. “Implementation of a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program in UK”

The next 2 sessions (14.03. and 28.03.) within the framework of the grant program “Cochlear Implantation and Long-Term Support of Deaf Children” received by the Lehnhardt Foundation from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) for specialists in Kyrgyzstan will be about newborn hearing screening.



Adrian has led an extraordinary international, multi-award-winning career across academia, healthcare, pharma, quality assurance and MedTech. Amongst his many notable achievements are
leading the innovative procurement procedure for hearing aids and diagnostic devices for the NHS, being an integral part in the development of ground-breaking MedTech products and being awarded the OBE for his services to hearing health. He has a record of developing the people that he works with, managing six-figure budgets, and bringing projects in on time.

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