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It’s fine for me

16 сент. 2023 г., в 15:26, Michael Goriany <michael.goriany> написал(а):

Dear Milan, dear all,
tomorrow evening from my side after 7pm CET it would be possible to meet at 20.30pm CET – just for 30min to coordinate the asynchronous communication.

George, I will address you for a separate meeting to evaluate the Suzdal action.

Anyway I am preparing further actions related to the Tbilisi Blog until tomorrow and will send the link to possibly meet at 8.30 pm CET

kind regards,

On Sat, 16 Sept 2023 at 09:04, <milanprofant1> wrote:

Dear Michael Anna and I we will arrive to Bratislava on Sunday around 7.00pm which is the earliest possibility for us to join the meeting
Best regards

Prof. Milan Profant, MD, PhDHead of Univ. ORL Dept.
General Secretary to IFOS
Antolska 11
851 07 Bratislava
Slovák Rep.

T/F +421 2 63531541-43
Mobile +421 905 320960

Dňa 15. 9. 2023 o 1:21 užívateľ Michael Goriany <michael.goriany> napísal:

Dear George, dear all,

please find test uploads of the Suzdal Monday morning recordings and example upload presentation Monika
in the Testblog right side up Menu WEBLOG >All Posts

The Welcome addresses and rec Milan Profant will be good after some editing and postproduction. The recording of Georges initial lecture was perfectly recorded as to the video, but only the audio recording of ZOOM stopped after 40sec .
We did´nt realize this because the laptop audio was transmitting all of the lecture.

I tried some recovery measures but it did not help. There might have been any tech setting in ZOOM what only could have been clarified with the Mezod ZOOM Service. Have they made a recording ?

However: originally the recordings where not planned, and no rehearsal possible at all. But it proofed to be possible easily if carefully prepared and the potential was made clear – to be discussed. Maybe a postrecording of the Tbilisi presentations as well could be considered.

Thank you Vigen and Oleg for your kind cooperation !

I will add some further structural elements and text to the original Blog until Sunday evening and make a proposal for the further roadmap.

And: Anna and Vigen could you please send an email to the original Blog attaching 2 or 3 fotos. This is a new way of easy posting but not yet tested. The email can be found in the blue box underneath the top title of the original Blog

Should we have a status meeting on Sunday Sep.17 later morning or evening ? Please make a proposal

kind regards,

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