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Dear Shirin & Saltanat,

one of the comfortable features of the Blog is the “post by email” function. You can send an email to
the Blogs address: . Email title will be the Blogs title and attachments will also be attached to the Blog.

We had a strange problem with this feature so it got late today to fix it.

To get things running with collecting existing files I ask you to mail to the Blog all available files which can be valuable to prepare the meeting with the new dir. asap. And we should meet in the later afternoon Thursday to see how things are going and clarify the next steps..

Which time would fit for you ? Need not be together.

You will find this email in the Weblog as well. Please post your reply as to timing in the comment box. I will receive it automatically.

And once you subscribe in the frontpage right side up you will also receive new posts and comments in your mailbox.

See you soon,
kind regards,

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