Test wpDiscuz in BeaverBuilder

Steps to create wpDiscuz Intra comments in Beaver Builder Step 1: create a BeaverBuilder post. Example in the right side box with Lorem Ipsum text. open post in BeaverBuilder prepare module for the intra comment Step 2: create new post in another window, let us call it “Shortcode wpDiscuz for BB” save as draft before … Read more

Follow up to ZOOM meeting Tuesday June 22, 2021

  ———- Forwarded message ——— From: Cholpon Imanalieva <cimanalieva@unicef.org> Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 at 07:12​​ Subject: RE: ZOOM meeting Tuesday June 22, 2021 at 12 h Bishkek time ( 8 am Germany) To: Saltanat Zhetibaeva <saltanat.zhetibaeva@gmail.com>, Гульзат Маймерова <sh.gulzat@yandex.ru>, cholpon121@gmail.com <cholpon121@gmail.com>, valerie.broch-alvarez@giz.de <valerie.broch-alvarez@giz.de>, mo@ncomid.kg <mo@ncomid.kg>, Monika Lehnhardt <monika.lehnhardt@gmail.com>, Michael Goriany <michael.goriany@gmail.com>, Michael Goriany <michael@lehnhardt-academy.net>, … Read more

Draft Memorandum of Understanding with NCMCC

The planned MoU Memorandum of Understanding is describing the essentials of the planned Association of Legal Entities (ALE). It will be the basis for issuing the legal documents, needed for registration. The main aim is to further develop the case-by-case implantations to a sustainable, comprehensive Cochlear Implant Program for Kyrgyzs children.
Please read the draft and add your questions and comments in the innovative structure of inline commenting.

email to Sh.Gulzat – Cooperation projects

———- Message ——— From: Michael Goriany <michael.goriany@gmail.com> Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2021 at 12:42 Subject: Cooperation projects To: <sh.gulzat@yandex.ru> Cc: <cholpon121@gmail.com>, Monika Lehnhardt <monika.lehnhardt@gmail.com>, Shirin J <chishiko2@gmail.com>, <saltanat.zhetibaeva@gmail.com>, Peter Zoth <zothpeter1@zoth.eu> –> Russian machine translation following – Saltanat Zhetibaeva will send corrections if needed –> Машинный перевод на русский язык следующий – Салтанат Жетибаева вышлет … Read more

Documents related to foundation of National Academy

Overview Laws & Business in Kyrgyzstan – Google Docs Corporate Law – Legal entities – Google Drive Copy MG-Statuten National Academy of Hearing-Bishkek – Google Docs Non Governmental Organizations – Google Docs Statuten National Academy of Hearing-Bishkek – Google Docs ML-National Academy of Hearing – Google Docs Kyrgyzstan – Foundation NGO – PROJECTS – Google … Read more