PORA! May 3rd: «CI and multiple Handicap — Experience from everyday therapy»

The speaker, Yvonne Seebens is educator of the deaf and audiologist. Since 14 years she is working in the Cochlear Implant Centre Friedberg/ Hessen/ Germany, now as therapeutical director.

Unfortunately, information about children with multiple handicap and CI is not readily accessible or hard to find. Therefore we would like to have a closer look at the current situation of these children and their families during the rehabilitation program.

Profil: Yvonne Seebens

CIC Rhein-Main Friedberg/ Frankfurt 

ENT audiological assistant and a graduate remedial teacher (Univ.) specialised in the rehabilitation of the deaf

2001-2006 audiological assistant in the ENT Clinic of the Academical Hospital Köln Holweide
2004 Fellow employee at the Institute für Audio Education (IfAP) Solingen
2004-2006 Employee at the Remedial Practice for hearing impared and communication disorders “The Earworm”, Solingen
2006-2016 Employee at Hörpunkt GmbH
2006-dato Fellow employee at the Hearing and Speaking Assistance Rhein-Main gGmbH („CIC Rhein-Main Friedberg/Frankfurt“) — since 2008 as an acting Head of the department, since 2017 Head of the therapy department per Prokura
2009-dato Teaching positions at the Teacher Training College Heidelberg (CI Technique and Rehabilitation) and at the Speach Therapy College Marburg (Special Needs Education).

CIC Rhein-Main Friedberg (für Erw. und Kinder)/und in Frankfurt (nur für Erwachsene)

HNO Audiologie-Assistentin (Uniklinik in Bonn) und Diplom Heilpädagogin (Univ. Köln) mit Schwerpunkt Rehabilitation der Gehörlosen

2001-2006 Audiologie-Assistentin in der HNO-Klinik des Lehrkrankenhauses Köln Holweide
2004 Mitarbeiterin im Institut für Audiopädagogik (IfAP) Solingen
2004-2006 Mitarbeit in der Heilpädagogischen Förderpraxis für Hör- und Kommunikationsstörungen „Der Ohrwurm“ Solingen
2006-2016 Mitarbeit in der Hörpunkt GmbH
2006-dato Mitarbeiterin Hör- Sprachförderung Rhein-Main gGmbH („CIC Rhein-Main Friedberg/Frankfurt“) — ab 2008 stellvertretende Leitung, seit 2017 therapeutische Leiterin des Zentrums
2009-dato Lehraufträge an der Pädagogsichen Hochschule Heidelberg (CI Technik und Rehabilitation) sowie an der Logopädieschule Marburg (Sonderpädagogik).

Profile: Bianca Wirthner

Bianca Wirthner, MSc is music therapist and music teacher, born and raised in Austria.

After high school she studied music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. After some years working abroad in several educational institutions she has been teaching music at a private catholic secondary school since 2009. Furthermore, she trains students in music at a college for elementary education.

During her Bachelor and Master music therapy studies she already gained experience in different clinical fields like geriatrics, ICU and oncology.

Since 2015 she has specialized in working with cochlear implant recipients. Music therapy is a complementary form of therapy at the ENT department at the University Clinic St.Pölten. Her principle instruments are piano and harp but she also integrates voice, drums and other instruments into her therapeutic settings. She loves travelling and music – both play an important role in her personal and professional life.

9-10 Nov-2012 International Seminar Lviv (UA) & LiveOnline

  Dear participant, Dear speaker,hereby we invite you to the 1st Lviv International Conference on Hearing Rehabilitation. To join the seminar would you please login to our meeting room here.Make sure that you enter the seminar @ the right time! The program = LOCAL LVIV TIME. The seminar starts on Friday, 9th Nov. 9:00 a.m. Lviv time = 8:00 a.m. CET time (1 hour time difference).

Thank you for your attention — Looking forward to meet you!Please see also the «Dialog» Association website here: http://www.dialogue.lviv.ua/news




Read more9-10 Nov-2012 International Seminar Lviv (UA) & LiveOnline

Friday, July 20, 2012: Jubilee / Upgrades / Seminar «Upgrading — a new era of inclusive education? ‘»

  • Location: Hotel Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia & Live Online ( Login & Info )


16:00 – 16:30 Part A: Anniversary Congratulations to ENT Clinic of Erebuni University and Donation of speech processors by Lehnhardt-Foundation.

16:30 – 17:15 Part B: Parents share questions referring to upgrades and other topics of present concern (specifically schooling & learning of the children – topics mentioned in preparatory Foum Page )

17:15 – Coffee break

17.30 – 18.30 Part C: «Web-Inclusion» — project

  • benefits of using the «Social Media Internet», specifically Live Online & Weblog
    • at school, specifically for foreign language learning
    • for additional lessons to support children with deficits
    • to set up learning.twinnings and teaching twinnings ? (e.g. a child in Yerevan learning German and an Armenian child in Germany learning Armenian)
    • in private life for networking, communicating and cooperating
  • what does «inclusion» really mean ? Why do we call Live Online & Weblog being «the most inclusive social media ?»
    • how can parents support their children at school (report of Sabine Letzel, Germany/Mozambique and of Dr. Sascha Bischoff, Head of a German schools network for inclusive education)
  • how can access to Internet be improved immediately ?
  • Preparing an EU project («eTwinning») for networking of European schools to introduce foreign language learning within live online Internet rooms (eTwinning is accessible for non-EU member schools as well)


July 8, 2012 / 7 p.m. (Yerevan time): preparatory meeting — подготовительное совещание — նախապատրաստական ​​հանդիպում


  • короткая экскурсия по основным возможностям комнаты для веб-конференций; идентификация участников предыдущей встречи в Ереване
  • первые шаги: загрузка информации в блог
    • как оставить комментарий, чтобы подтвердить участие во встрече 20 июля
    • комментарий на форумной странице «Изучение языков» чтобы рассказать, какие языки ребенок изучает в школе, и т.д.
  • темы семинара 20 июля — как подготовить
    • участие ? преподавателей, ? Терапевтов
  • Где: комната для веб-конференций. Вход Вы можете осуществить прямо с этой страницы.