PORA! 29.01. Austrian Cochlear Implant Society (ÖCIG — Österreichische Cochlear-Implant-Gesellschaft)

We invite you to PORA! on 29.1.23 with MSc.Tobias Fischer. —>Profile<—
He was the first child in Germany to receive a cochlear implant. The surgery was performed by Prof. Ernst Lehnhardt in 1988. Tobias studied at the University of Applied Sciences Gießen Friedberg in Germany and has been working vor 14 years for an aerospace company as a systems engineer. He supports as a volounteer the ÖCIG

You can watch the presentation as pdf

Very personal journey into hearing  – his first CI he has had for 35 years now (1st CI in 1988, 2nd CI in 2007)

Comments of the teacher for the deaf – Dr. Bodo Bertram (head of the rehabilitation center in Hanover, worked with 1400 children with CI over a period of > 30 years and saw their results  long.term)
Short videos – before surgery, therapy with Dr. Bodo Bertram (1990)
History of the Austrian Cochlear Implant society ÖCIG
Goals of the ÖCIG
Social and cultural activities
Hosting educational events and workshops
Events in 2022 (conferences, workshops, 30th anniversary of ÖCIG, etc.)
Events in 2023:
– a project «Listen up»,
aiming at initiating a campaign raising awareness of consequences of deafness
– project “Easy Rehabilitation”. Aim of the project: To develop a concept of stationary rehabilitation
Services for ÖCIG Members
Cooperation with CI and HA companies
Interaction, exchange of experience with specialists, societies in the field of hearing
Representing ÖCIG at the EURO-CIU (European Cochlear Implant Users Association) conference in Rotterdam in 2022


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  1. Young adult CI users seem to take their implants for granted, just like their socks. Can they even begin to imagine how difficult their lives would have been without CI? What do you think it will take to encourage other young CI users to get into advocacy, and thereby help the millions of other children who currently suffer without implants?


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