9-10 Nov-2012 International Seminar Lviv (UA) & LiveOnline

  Dear participant, Dear speaker,hereby we invite you to the 1st Lviv International Conference on Hearing Rehabilitation. To join the seminar would you please login to our meeting room here.Make sure that you enter the seminar @ the right time! The program = LOCAL LVIV TIME. The seminar starts on Friday, 9th Nov. 9:00 a.m. Lviv time = 8:00 a.m. CET time (1 hour time difference).

Thank you for your attention – Looking forward to meet you!Please see also the “Dialog” Association website here: http://www.dialogue.lviv.ua/news




Seminar Venue 9th November 2012, Lviv, 1 Rynok square (town hall)

10th November 2012, Lviv, Boarding school “Mariia Pokrova”, 35, Lichakivska St.

Seminar materials
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Dialog Flyer UA Dialog-Flyer_Lviv_9-10NOV2012
Seminar Program UA LVIV-9-10NOV12_Agenda_UA_Final
Seminar Program EN LVIV-9-10NOV12_Agenda_EN_Final
Abstract Book UA/RU AbstractB-Cover_RU-UA   &  AbstractB-Content_RU-UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA BohdanovychT_abstract10Nov_UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA BorysenkoO_abstract9aNov_UA
Abstract EN ChaikofR_abstract9bNov_EN; ChaikofR_abstract10Nov_EN
Abstract RU ChaikofR_abstract9bNov_RU;ChaikofR_abstract10Nov_RU
Abstract EN FreyJ_abstract9aNov_EN
Abstract RU FreyJ_abstract9aNov_RU
Abstract EN IllgA_abstract9aNov_DE
Abstract RU IllgA_abstract9aNov_RU
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA KonyushnyakV_abstract9aNov_UA; KonyushnyakV_abstract10Nov_UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA KovnaU_abstract9a_9b_10Nov_UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA KramarY_abstract9bNov_UA
Abstract EN LehnhardtM_abstract9aNov_EN; LehnhardtM_abstract9b&10Nov_EN
Abstract RU LehnhardtM_abstract9aNov_RU; LehnhardtM_abstract9b&10Nov_RU
Abstract EN LesinskiSchiedatA_abstract9aNov_DE
Abstract RU LesinskiSchiedatA_abstract9aNov_RU
Abstract EN McDonellV_abstract10Nov_EN
Abstract RU McDonellV_abstract10Nov_RU
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA NekrasovaI_abstract9bNov_UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA SribnyakI_abstract9aNov_UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA ZhukV_abstract9bNov_UA
Abstract EN  
Abstract UA  


1 комментарий к “9-10 Nov-2012 International Seminar Lviv (UA) & LiveOnline”

  1. Dear Ulyana, Irina, Anna & all parents & members of the Lviv Association “Dialog”,

    Dear Tetiana Bohdanovych, Prof. Oleg Borysenko, Mrs Rachel Chaikof, Dr. Angelika Illg, Mr Volodymyr Konyushnyak, Mr Yurii Kramar, Dr. Monika Lehnhardt, Prof. Anke Lesinski-Schiedat, Mrs Viktorija McDonell, Mrs Iryna Nekrasova, Dr. Ilona Sribnyak, Mrs Valentyna Zhuk,

    please receive our congratulations for this successful Lviv International Seminar OnSite & LiveOnline – 9/10Nov2012! Thank you very much for your personal & professional contribution to the seminar.
    We estimate, that “Dialog” Lviv Association activities have an influence on an area = 8-10 million people = nearly as much as the WHOLE population of BELARUS (2011 – 9,5 million),see also Wikipedia: Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk, Rovno, Ternopol, Lutsk, Chernovcy oblasts = ca. 8 mio population.

    Here you are the seminar success story
    10x LiveOnline preparation meetings Jun-Nov 2012
    14 speakers from 5 countries (UA, DE, CH, AU, US)
    2-Days LiveOnline (& Lviv OnSite) seminar with 6 out of 14 online speakers
    professional translation UA-EN-UA of 5 lectures
    2 days seminar, 3 sessions for 3 target groups (doctors, therapists, parents)
    Lviv Town Hall = seminar location 1st day
    Lviv Boarding School “Mariia Pokrova” = seminar location 2nd day
    more than 200 seminar participants (2 days)
    Friday = 167 (57 doctors, 89 therapist & pedagogues
    Saturday = 62 (45 parents, 14 pedagogues, 3 doctors)
    10-Topics-Resolution of parents/”Dialog” = demands & activities

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